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The Fundamentals of Using Erosion Control Fabric to Protect Bare Ground

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Without a doubt, erosion is a big limiting factor when it comes to gardening and agricultural. It impairs the growth of healthy plants and lowers the yield that you would have otherwise realised. Over the years, however, agriculturists have been working round the clock to come up with ways and means that can be used to curb soil erosion. One of these techniques involves the use of erosion control fabrics. They are large, blankets made from biodegradable materials such as coir, jute and coconut fibre. Read More»

The Process of Cleaning Up Fire Extinguisher Chemicals

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Various types of fire extinguishers exist in the market today. However, a chemical fire extinguisher is the most versatile type of extinguisher for home use. It is recommended for electrical fires, grease fires, and normal fires. Unfortunately, most of these types of extinguishers have a certain downside. After they are used, a dry chemical extinguisher coating surrounds the area it was sprayed in a layer of chemicals. This coating if left can create a huge mess and even damage electronic equipment. Read More»